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  1. Just looking for other opinions here...

    Our 2 yr ADN program is switching from semesters to trimesters, and offering nursing classes for the first time in the summer. However, the summer classes are apparently only open to those who failed them this semester so they have a chance to keep up with their class and not fall behind. If there is space left in the class, it may open up for other students.

    Personally, I think this stinks. I work, go to school, maintain a family and decent grades. I think it would be great to take a class this summer to lighten the load in the fall. What is your opinion, should classes be open to a select group? or to everyone?
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  3. by   hairtocare
    Well, here's my opinion....not that it means much, lol....I don't think there should be make-up classes like that for the ones that failed. If you failed, wait until next year and pick up where you left off~ if there are openings or apply to another school. If they are going to offer summer coarses, they should definately offer them to the students that are doing their work and getting the grades. I work HARD to keep my grades really good, work and am married with a 4 year old and also run a horse farm. If I can keep it all together with all of that~I don't have much sympathy for those that don't make it. If it's due to an illness, death, etc. there are always exceptions....but to just plain old fail out~sorry, no sympathy here. They should have made some wiser choices and put more effort into school. There are students in my class that are on the verge of failing (clinical and lecture) and are in tears, on medication, and just "so upset", but here's the kicker.....we had a test today and Friday they were out drinking ALL night and wer laughing at how "bombed" they were, and these are adults~~none under 26.......same ones that "hate" the instructor because "she" is failing them......and same ones who were just laughing telling drunken stories after the test (before they got their grades)......
    No symapthy for the ones not pulling the grades......sorry!!
    Sorry this was so long, your topic just led me into venting...