1. Hi Everyone!! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!!

    I have my first fundamentals test tomorrow. I have studied, studied, and studied some more for it! I have kept up with my reading, answered the questions in the back of the book, quizzed myself on possible test questions, talked with classmates, done the study guide, and even passed the practice test with flying colors (I got convection and conduction confused... but have that straight now).

    Here is my problem. I have found that today I cant even review the material because I almost feel too confident with it. I start to review and can basically quote back in summary exactly what each part of the book is going to tell me now. BUT... I still do not feel confident in the material for the test and just have this feeling that when I get in there the material I know will be no where on the test and I will be set up for failure.

    I know that most people will doubt themselves... esp when it is the first test in a class that you HAVE to pass to keep going in the program...

    I looked at the NCLEX books and almost got one but they had such limited questions in the fundamentals part of things that I chose not to purchase one yet. I did go through the kaplan review book which was great and got me tuned on the critical thinking type questions... I just do not feel confident though about this test.

    Anyone else go through this? To an extent I have always had test anxiety... but let me tell you this is test anxiety x 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. by   Daytonite
    here are come sites on studying that address the subject of test anxiety. the second link gives advice on how to answer application type questions on nursing tests. - test taking and anxiety from penn state university learning centers. there are also links here to note taking, reading comprehension, and time management. - study skills for the nursing student from daytona beach community college nursing department with some good advice. - test taking skills also from daytona beach community college nursing department. a couple of sample questions and how to chose the correct answer for these application type questions. - how to a study skills resource. has a variety of study skills on the website, plus a section on how to read your textbooks. topics addressed on this site include: taking notes, listening, solving math word problems, using references sources, spelling long words, essay tests, test anxiety, using abbreviations, study groups, test taking strategies, reading comprehension, remembering information, vocabulary building, writing a research paper, making oral presentations, managing time, writing techniques, multiple-choice tests and more.