study tips for Maternal Newborn

  1. Hey, you guys, I am reading my Maternal Newborn book and its lengthy and instructor emphasized that we need to read to be familiar with this info but help me! How am I suppose to master this stuff for the exam.........please give me some study tips for this class, we are having 14 chapters on the 1st test, which is in a week and a half. Help!! :uhoh21:
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  3. by   Fiona59
    If its an introductory course, u need to know the norms for both mother and baby. Vital signs for the baby, types of reflex reactions, latching, feeding frequency (bottle and breast), voiding, how check mum's flow, rate of flow, type of flow, where should the uterus be on day 1, displacement due to a full bladder. Then they can go onto what teaching should be done for Mum, so you need to know a bit about what to expect when baby goes home. Kind of common sense if you've already had your own babies.
  4. by   TifRN2B
    Don't forget all the things that could go wrong with mom during labor, delivery, and post delivery. Also... what the babies have to be tested for right after birth... things like PKU, know all about jaundice and what babies normal vitals should be. Calculating nutritional requirements according to kg weight. I absolutely LOVED my ob clinical, got an A in it. I think it's because I'd really love to work OB. Plus, I don't have any children yet, but can't wait to. I bought extra books on maternal newborn nursing.... ya know like lippincotts review books. It gives all the basic stuff you need to know, in a fraction of the reading.

    Good luck!