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  1. Is anyone taking ASL?

    I am in an ASL (American Sign Language) class and enjoying it very much. The only problem I'm having is studying. A couple of us from the class do get together once a week but it just isn't enough. At home no one seems to be interested enough to help with the studies in ASL. I'm not sure why Does anyone have any suggestions

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  3. by   camkib
    I would like to take ASL someday. I admire you and all who learn it.

    I would suggest calling around to find programs in your area for the deaf and hearing impaired. Explain your situation. Maybe they can pair you with someone who can help you practice.

    Also by doing this you have the added bonus of possibly making a good friend.

    Take care and good luck!
  4. by   kittylilly
    :roll thank you for your suggestions. it would be a great way to practic. i think that making a freind in the deaf and hearing impair community would be an excellent way of understanding that community . i also believe that more nurses should learn asl. it would sure help a lot of people in their time of need. save a lot of confussion and mistakes. i plan to continue with the asl thoughout my academics so i can inerpret when needed. is asl available to you? if so i highly recommend it. thanks again, lilly