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I'm a nursing students and would like to know how long and how often do everyone study? Do anyone make all A's? If so, what's your formula?... Read More

  1. by   emtb2rn
    Study habits are unique to the individual. One size does not fit all. I've found that understanding A&P and the pathophysiology behind the disease process pretty much lets you use common sense and critical thinking to figure out what to do for the pt. Some things need to be memorized (like lab values but when you see them enough, they just sink in), but critical thinking is key.

    I was a B student last year. My average was 93 and an A was 94. I seriously don't care if I get A's. My intention isn't to know everything, everytime. I go to every class, highlight what the instructor emphasizes on the powerpoints and then read the book. Not study the book, but simply read it like a novel. One pass, that's it. I also use the Davis NCLEX-RN Success to supplement what we're taught.

    So far this semester, my average has actually bumped up to 94 with 4 tests down and 3 to go.
  2. by   Kambili
    we are not allowed to tape our lectures. mehn!
  3. by   Alois Wolf
    Well my theory is that when your in school it's your job to do well. So I aim for at lest 8 hours of study time. But I do it well because I make flash cards and when I'm doing menial tasks I just keep quizing myself throughout the day. So I study in small increments throughout the day constantly everyday. Notcards are awesomeness.

    Homework and book studying is maybe in bigger blocks, but smaller time.
  4. by   purple1953reading
    I am one of those you don't want to like, but everybody wants for a partner in class. I graduated at the top of my class, made the first As on essay tests, for those missed while in the hospital,and really did not ever open a book. I listened, asked questons if I did not understand, and if I reviewed for tests, I went through the material, eliminating all I already knew, concetrating on a much reduced size notes to learn what I did not know. I also think comprehension not memorization is the key, esp when psych, and some of the specialities come into play. One of my instructors once asked me"Why are you here, you coud be the next famous dr." Did not want to ,wanted to simply be the best nurse I could be. I do think that getting this basis and understanding carries forward through the year of school, and when it come to NCLEX, it is automatic. Took 75 questions in less than20 minutes, walked out, never looked back. BUT IT WAS EASY for me, and it is not always, MY niece, studied hours on hours, for her BSN, and took all 265 questions, but did pass,almost ran out of time though. 2 people,2 different ways, same outcome.