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  1. Do any of you attend San Jacinto College in Houston Texas? I am looking for information about their RN program from a nursing student perspective. If so, I would love to hear from you. Thank you so much.
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  3. by   hvlscwlltrvl
    I attended San Jac College way back in '74! But, if you are interested, go to the Texas Board of Nursing site and you can find the standings of all the Texas Nursing Schools on the NCLEX-RN! There you will find the school and the percentage of students that passed the boards and such. Interesting read!
  4. by   clintn91180
    I'm going to San Jac's nursing school this semester, sorry this took so long, since application deadline this week. Nursing program is known for being top in pass/fail percentage on N-clex, but everyone says it's 2 years of hell too!!!
  5. by   jewelsvu82
    just curious...

    what kind of program does San Jac have?

    RN associate? RN BSN?

    (i'm from houston, too)
  6. by   proud2bme
    San Jac Central offers the RN program. If I am not mistaken, the south and central campus offer the LVN program. I do know that only the central campus offers the RN. After receiving your associate's degree from San Jac, you can apply for a bridge program at a University. I will probably do just that after working for a year or so. I hope this answers your question. Also, you can call the school and talk to a counselor about the nursing programs they offer.
  7. by   jewelsvu82
    okay thanks

    for your input proud2bme. good luck with nursing!
  8. by   angelnurse2002

    HI!! Well I have heard that San Jac is a great school. I am currently in the North Harris RN Program. I am going to graduate in May!!!!!!!!!! Keep your options open. Also a good thing to look for when making your decision is the pass rate for the NCLEX. That was one of the most important things for me to look for in a school.

    Well good luck!!
  9. by   jewelsvu82
    good for you miss angelnurse! best wishes to you!!

    hopefully..i will be starting my first year @ UT health center in houston this fall...

    best luck to all!
  10. by   proud2bme
    Wouldn't that be ironic if someday our paths cross and we work together or something? Could happen.. ya never know!
  11. by   jewelsvu82
    hey...that would be funny! and we'd never know it!