student to be, concerns & questions

  1. Hello everyone ! im glad i joined this website,

    im a male!!

    so im going to graduate this may from high school and im going to go to a community college to get my prereqs then apply to their associate program. my main concern is that out of 500 students that apply only 120 get in... whats this means is that i have to place 3.8-4.0 gpa my first year in prereqs.

    now my question is how hard is it to achieve a 4.0 when i have NO WORK, and can defintely free up as much time for nursing as i need.

    second thing is , im excited into going into this field, is it a long road to becoming a registered nurse, or do you guys feel that it goes by quick.

    looking forward to helping out patients

    k much love and respect

    thank you
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  3. by   NurseJeanB
    Oh to be your age and already know what you want to do. I think that is great. You obviously have researched it, and you are right in thinking A's in prereqs are a must. I took prereqs at night while working full time and managed to get A's, but it did take me several years as I only took at most 3 classes, and I thought it took forever. The college I applied to, took only the top 10-12% so I knew that I didn't want to take too many prereqs at one time and risk lowering my gpa. Then when you finally get into a nursing program, that seems to take so long, but I made it to my last year and will graduate in December. Just keep plugging away. Develop your study skills. These skills will be helpful when you are in nursing school. Also be aware of students that are doing well and try to form study groups with them. Some of these people may end up in nursing school with you. I know that the friends I have in nursing school have kept me going and been a comfort and encouragement. One last thing when you are taking Chemistry or any of the prereqs that a lot of people find difficult, check to see if your college has a tutoring center and take advantage of it. I wish you great luck and success.
  4. by   Idaho Murse
    Well man join the club, I am a guy as well. As far as GPA goes realize you get what you put in. If you want a 4.0 then study like you want a 4.0 Also without knowing what your pre reqs are its hard to say if that is going to be easy of difficult. Another thing I should mention is why for for an associates? If you are in school just get your BSN. Out of school there is really no difference in pay between an ADN and BSN, however if and when you choose to go further you will need that BSN and if you have it to start you do not have to worry about going back for another 1-2 years later on down the road.

    And from someone who has an engineering degree and 7 years of college behind them I can tell you that Nursing school, when you are actually are in the program, the semesters FLY by.
  5. by   shorty3_31
    I started college at 15 and managed to maintain my 4.0 going into the program. And yes, you are right about needing a 4.0 going in. It's really competitive, but don't let that scare you. Use that fear as fuel to do your best in your classes. And like Idaho said it, study like you want a 4.0. If you expect less of yourself then you will get less, that's just the truth. Work hard, push through, and you will do awesome.

    And yes, it goes by so quick. It seems like only a semester ago when I was getting flustered learning about kinase and DNA transfers in Biology. Now I'm half-way through the program and I still can't believe it. Savor the ups-and-downs because they make you a better person (and give you thicker skin, ;-) )

    Male nurses all the way, man!
  6. by   royaltysucks
    thanks guys i really appreciate your helpful information!

    the good thing is that my cc doesnt require many prereqs, i believe only 6 , and possibly some math refresher depending on how well you do on the placement test when registering for the community college. the bad thing is that most of the 6 are biology and are prereqs for eachother, so that means i cant take 3 classes one semester and 3 another ,rather do approx. 2 each semester ,starting with this summer, fall, winter, and spring. (includes english 119,intro to bio, intro psych, micro bio, anatomy 1,anatomy 2) seems like basic courses

    i hope thats a viable plan. the reason im doing an associates is because i really feel the need to get out there and start my career, im already 18 years old turning 19 pretty soon. the second reason is i want to focus on nursing , if i was to go for 4 years then that would mean i would have to work and most likely lose focus off my school. But since im still with my parents i see it as an opportunity ,my parents dont have a problem with that at all.

    and i never took chemistry in high school, neither is it listed as a prereqs, is that possible or is the college simply not telling me this till i sign up there?