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Hello everyone! I was just wondering what goals you might be setting for yourself as a newbie nursing student and, as well, what area of nursing do you think you want to work in when you finish... Read More

  1. by   kathylorr
    Originally posted by howie122832
    My goal is just to graduate ...... sounds silly, but the director of my program is a little hitler.... Look at her wrong and she'll find a way to get rid of you! (I'm not kidding!) We started with 35 students in Jan 02, and now we are down to 15!! I'm flying below the radar and trying not to cause any waves! I want to eventually work in the ED!
    I can't imagine what kind of program they are running down there that has such a failure/dropout rate. In my class of about the same size, I think we lost about three-a couple during the year that decided this wasn't for them and only one who didn't make the grades needed to continue-but she is coming back to try again when we resume next week.
    Wasn't there any prerequisites needed to enter? Or was if your body is still warm, you were in? Sounds like something is seriously wrong with their admittance procedures.
    But hand in there Howie and at the rate they are loosing students, you might be one of 2.4 that graduate
  2. by   essarge

    Our University also ends up with about 1/2 the starting amount of students. But we also have a 100% pass rate for the NCLEX. That being said, sometimes people don't realize how difficult a nursing program really is and try to "get by" which doesn't work in our program. You have to give it your all (life, heart and pretty much your soul) to make it.

    Just because a program has a "high dropout rate" doesn't mean that the program is bad, perhaps it means that it is an excellent program.