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  1. So I am a student nurse graduating with my BSN in May. I recently moved to a city nearby where I go to school, but it required me to get a new job as a student nurse tech at a hospital (because, you know, I have bills to pay). Well I'm just now starting this job this coming week (middle of February). I will be working as a nurse tech on a med surg/ onc floor. HOWEVER, this is really not my first choice for a job as a new grad RN. In the area that I live in, it's recommended to start applying for nursing jobs now. I'm just concerned how I should approach this with my new manager who hired me for the student tech position. Do I tell her I am looking to apply elsewhere? The job I am wanting is in the ICU. It's the same health system, but not the same hospital. HELP.
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  3. by   Newgradnurse17
    She knows you graduating soon and will be looking for a RN position. So wouldn't worry about it. But I will say apply every where, get you cv out there. You more likely to find work that way. You not going to get your dream job straight away 99% of the time. You may not be able to find anything and a job on med/surg won't seem that bad after months of looking. Remember your first job is about learning and gaining experience. It's not forever, just another stepping stone like nursing school.