Student Advisors

  1. Anybody ever get a letter from your school informing you that your "student advisor" was someone outside the nursing dept? I thought it was rather funny, considering the school actually pushed me toward the nursing program there instead of the gen ed degree I started out seeking... and now they want to give me a Speech Prof for an advisor?? Hmmm.. thinking it sounds rather odd, but then again.. what do I know??
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    Can you request a different advisor? I know at my school we can.
  4. by   manna
    At my community college, they won't even give me an advisor because I'm not a full-time student. Tell me that doesn't stink! :angryfire:
  5. by   orrnlori
    We also had advisors outside of the nursing department. My advice to you is to get hold of your school catalog and learn it backwards and forwards. Don't let someone not in the department make a mistake that you have to pay for by taking an additional class or two because the advisor didn't know the rules for YOUR program.