Stuck in an educational rut...

  1. So I have my LPN as of 12/15/06. I passed my boards and I've been working at a hospital and getting some prerequisites. As of now I have these classes under my belt:

    Microbiology (and lab)
    A&P 2 (and lab)
    English 101 and 102
    Speech 101
    Nutrition for health pro's
    Geology (and lab [don't know what good it will do me])
    Psych 101
    and about 10 other free elective credits

    At this point, I am frustrated with my local university, and I don't want to continue with them. However, I'm married to a teacher, and I can't just up and move. I'm considering excelsior college, but my worry is that it may not be as competitive a degree as a brick and mortar school. Any excelsior grads having problems getting jobs? Does anyone know what else I would have to take besides the NC classes and CPNE?
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    Also, I would like to bridge to paramedic once I get my RN. I'm assuming that if I'm licensed in my state as an RN, this is possible, regardless of where I got my degree.