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I have just started my nursing courses and will start health assessment and clinical material tomorrow. Is it bad if I don't make As? I am a good student, but have never made straight As. Any... Read More

  1. by   happystudent

    Listen, dont stress about getting all As because what is going to happen is you will get As on your exams then there will be that one test you will get 89.9 and start freaking out then it will snowball, driving your self crazy, overstudying which will work against you. (Ive seen it happen)

    Its not worth it, sista! If nursing is for you, you will have that desire to do the best you can. It will show in your classes and in clinical.

    People get so wrapped up in getting that 4.0 and are missing the point about nursing. I believe that hard work and lots of studying will pull you thru....

    So far it has been working for me, this fall I enter NUIII!

    Good luck, you will do fine, I promise