Starting OB clinical without having OB lecture yet! Nervous.

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    I'm in a ASN-RN program; grad in Dec. Have felt pretty good about my clinical experiences thus far, however now we are starting OB and then PEDS in a few weeks and I am nervous as hell. Stepping way out of my comfort zone for both. I don't think I would be as nervous if we had already had the theory/lecture portion out of the way but we have not even started. Had a 6hr crash course pre-clinical lab day and some homework/worksheets to help prepare but thats it. Just looking for any advice/words of encouragement. What should I expect? It's a short rotation thank goodness. Just 4, 12hr shifts but still I hate not having a clue of what's gonna happen? Don't want the staff nurses thinking I'm completely incompetant either. Ugh...
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  3. by   SlightlyMental_RN
    Would your clinical instructor be willing to give you access to a powerpoint or other lecture material? That helped me quite a bit--that, and my clinical instructor gave us some summary sheets on what we would be assessing, along with a brief explanation. I, personally, would email your instructor and let her know that you would like some prep material--they generally like to see students that take an initiative to learn. Hope that helps! I loved my OB rotation, btw--just graduated in May, and I am now an RN.
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    placenta is disgusting. if your patient has an amnioinfusion back up when the baby comes out, my shoes were soaked. babies are really cute and tiny and they go into the warmer (axillary temperatures on newborns--that was a huge relief). if you get a chance to watch the circumcision do it.

    after birth they have lochia rubra small clots of a quarter size or less are okay, larger ones need to be reported

    ice pads on the perineum if the patient wants, or it's bruised. there are actually female pads with an ice pack built right in. lol

    two drugs to know: anaprox (understand it's a prostaglandin inhibitor and what that does in relationship to the post partum woman) and oxytocin

    women have diuresis after giving birth, they also get very cold(warm blanket)

    tell patient to ask for assistance during her first trip out of bed to the restroom.

    that's all i can think of right now.