Starting in the fall...

  1. What are your must-haves for nursing school? I want to try to spread my purchases for this kinda stuff over the summer so it's not SUCH a shock to the system! I know I'm already looking at about $1000 in books- that's shocking enough!
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  3. by   RNstudent13renee
    I tried doing this to before I started nursing school, but in all honesty it is better to wait until school starts so that you know exactly what to get. My program had specifics on uniforms, and also required only a few necessities like a stethoscope and bandage scissors but every school is different. I would say you could get your steth now, but even that can be school required we have a bell and a diaphragm. Most of them do but just in case....if you doing clinicals this semester a clipboard is helpful. Lots and lots of pens. Black ink for clinical paperwork. Highlighters for your books because you will want to highlight important info while reading. Most of this you'll already have, I'm guessing. A watch of course, with a second hand. I've heard a lot of people on here say they bought a blood pressure cuff for practice, but in my case, I never needed it once I learned how to take BP properly in school. Its not easily forgotten haha. Pretty much everything you need will either be given to you or they will tell you what to get when you start...make sure you get comfy shoes! Good luck