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  1. I just started my LPN program in January. We start our clinical studies in a couple of weeks, at a nursing home. Any advice for nervous student.
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  3. by   kelligrl
    Oh I do I do!!!!! So here's the deal....Try to remember that most of the residents you'll encounter are often STOKED that you're there.... As a student you have a lot more time to spend with them than the nurses there who often have a hairy pt load--so when they get that kind of attention they love it!!! Also, even if for some reason they get an attitude about you (the "just a student" attitude) don't let it get to you!! Just go in there, and do what you have to do! Keep in mind that these folks are used to someone waking them to take vitals &/or asking them personal questions (the dreaded bowel movement question--none of us wanted to ask it the first time, still don't sometimes, but man that first time:chuckle ) and all the other stuff that goes along with being cared for...My advice--take a deep breath, go in there, and DO IT!! It gets easier with time....Good luck!!!