starting Chemistry & Algerbra 1

  1. I am so excited and a bit nervous. I know so much is riding on me passing these two classes. Is anyone doing these classes or similar ones for spring semester? I plan on doing thses two classes and then taking the summer off before entering nursing school this fall. I also went part-time at my job as a PCT.
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  3. by   lalajenn
    I am taking Chemistry this semester and I am lost. I think the math is just getting to me. How are you doing so far in Chemistry? I also am not too crazy about the teacher and CHemistry has always scared me. Good luck to you!! Which Chemistry book are you using? I am so scared of the first test in this class.
  4. by   shakizer
    Hey yall,
    I took General Chemistry I and II and Organic Chemistry I and II already. I was really nervous because I had never had Chemistry in High School and I was really lost at first. The thing that helped me the most was to never miss one class and to stay up with the homework. Our College had some software that helped too and this really saved me on tests!! It is hard, but if you do not get behind and do all of the homework, then you should do fine. Also, if your college offers free Chemistry tutorial sessions, take advantage of this for sure!! If your instructor offers any extra credit homework/assignments, take advantage of that too (even if you think that you don't need the extra credit). Just keep studying and you will do fine. I ended up with a B in both General Chemistry classes and and A and B respectively in Organic. Good Luck !!!!!
  5. by   RNIAM
    Thanks alot for your posts. I atteneded my first classes in both chem & Algebra and it was good. I enjoyed both classes, so i will see how it goes. Thank you for answering my post.