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School is great! Summer is great! The days are long and hot and beautiful! I've got tons of time to spend with my 3 girls............and yet......I don't have the spendable cash that I'm accustomed... Read More

  1. by   happystudent
    /Quote/ My kids expect certain things each week. They expect to go swimming at the Y 2x a week at 2bucks a pop plus snacks. That's 18 dollars a week on swimming. They expect to go skating once a week. That's 12-15 dollars. They expect to go see Grandparents at LEAST once a month. That's a 3 hour trip one way. about 30-40 in gas and another 20-30 in food/snacks/drinks...

    Your kids EXPECT certian things...............sheesh, when I was a kid ALL we needed was a tree to climb and other kids to play with!!! I'm only 28!! Is there a lake or pond the kids can swim in? We are fortunate in that we live near a lake so thats where I take my boys...8yrs and 3.5 yr old twins. They love it!! I pack gold fish or crackers for snacks and freeze juice boxes the night before....they stay cold and if you cut em open they have their own slushies....... THEY LOVE IT!

    Kids today are so SPOILED!! Instant gratification....

    Please dont take this as a flame or anything but sit down and tell the girls that they cant have everything they want.... they have to learn to sacrifice......and you know what ? They might surprise you and not give you a hard time!!
  2. by   ulianka
    Same dillemma.... 2 kids, stay at home during the summer and full time student mom ... Volountirely ex-manager... No spare cash.... No cash. Period. :-) But the funny part the kids are not the ones suffering MEEEEEEEEE BTW, I would be very very greatfull, if anyone has any money-saving-managing tips. My food budget got streched till 350$ a month (Canada). Can I do less?
  3. by   ulianka
    Oaou ... I am greatfull for free public swimming pools now....
  4. by   giftedRN

    I am from Spanish town, Jamaica. I miss my country so much, especially the jerk chicken, the white sand beaches, the roast yam etc. I will in Jamaica December 2005! I am looking forward to graduate August 2005.