Spring 2017 Northeastern ABSN

  1. Anyone applied to the Spring 2017 northeastern accelerated BSN program? I just applied and now waiting on the committee's decision. So nervous, but very excited and hope to get in!
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  3. by   hallieawalker
    Hi! I have just been accepted to Northeastern's ABSN program to start in Spring 2017!! I just recently graduated from GW in May and I am excited to begin Northeastern's program in Jan. Have you heard back yet?
  4. by   dtaylor723
    There was an error with the online application - so it did not actually show COMPLETED to the school until last Wednesday. I know the committee meets on Tuesdays, so I was hoping to hear today, but so far nothing. How did you hear? Was it an email, phone call, or letter? I don't remember waiting for my college acceptances the first time being this bad. LOL
  5. by   hallieawalker
    I submitted my application 2 weeks ago. The committee looked at my application last week and I received a decision on Thursday evening. My decision was posted on the portal, I didn't get my acceptance email until today.
  6. by   dtaylor723
    I finally got a decision last night! I have also been Accepted! Do you know the amount of the deposit by any chance that we need to send to hold our spot in the program? They are usually $500 to $1000, so I want to be able to make sure I have it set aside.
  7. by   NurseCaitB

    My application materials were forwarded to the review committee yesterday morning (7/19) and I got an admission decision later that afternoon via email! I have a guaranteed spot for Spring 2017. I am a military wife, though, so I mentioned that I would prefer to start their Fall 2016 program. I was accepted for Fall term as well but the Burlington campus is full. I definitely have a spot on their Charlotte, NC campus but I'd prefer to stay in Boston with my husband (and all these great hospitals!!!). It's hard to pass up that $15,000 scholarship by going to Charlotte since this program is so damn expensive but after doing the math, the cost of living away from my husband for 16 months and us paying two rents would negate the scholarship. I signed up for the Fall 2016 waitlist but if I'm not able to get in, I'll be starting the program with you! Just thought I'd pop in and say hi.
  8. by   dtaylor723
    It's official I paid my deposit! So excited to start in January!!!!
  9. by   NurseCaitB
    I also paid my deposit! It holds my spot for the January cohort and I also confirmed to remain on the Fall 2016 waitlist.
  10. by   annakathryn28
    Congratulations on getting accepted! I am applying for the Spring 2017 progam in Charlotte! I'm a little nervous about the extremely high tuition though
  11. by   NurseCaitB
    Quote from annakathryn28
    Congratulations on getting accepted! I am applying for the Spring 2017 progam in Charlotte! I'm a little nervous about the extremely high tuition though
    As far as I know, they only offered the $15,000 scholarship to those entering the inaugural Charlotte class, which is Fall 2016. Do you know if they are doing that for the Spring, too? That would help.
  12. by   annakathryn28
    I don't think they offer the scholarship for the Spring, but I will look into it. It is a new program in Charlotte and I think they were just tryng to get students to fill the seats. My admissions counselor said they only had 12 out of 72 spots filled for Fall 2016.
  13. by   kellffitz
    Hey everyone! wanted to say hi and see who else is officially starting spring 2017! A friend of mine who just started said to make a Facebook group so we can all get to know each other, but I thought it might be a little early. Starting here seemed like a good idea!
  14. by   dtaylor723
    I say make the Facebook group!