Soon to be grads: I'm paranoid something will go wrong and I won't graduate!

  1. I am graduating in 20 days, final exam is in 9 days! I am so worried that something will happen to mess it up and I won't graduate. Its highly unlikely, I have a high test average, have done my required assignments, etc but I am worried that somehow it will mess up and I wont graduate. I think I am worried b/c I have worked this hard to get here and I can't beleive I am actually graduating.
    LOL, im being unrealistic, but I really do worry it won't happen!
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  3. by   RN 2005
    Same here.....I always preface anything I say with "If I graduate..." :uhoh21:
  4. by   jenrninmi
    Hi, I was feeling the same way for the last 2 months. Now with grad in less than 7 days away I feel like it's actually going to happen. All I have left is my final on wednesday and I can fail it with a 47% and still pass the class. I am going to study of course because I want to do more than pass, but knowing I'm going to pass feels good.

    You're going to make it! Good luck!!
  5. by   grinnurse
    I have 20 days until graduation and I feel exactly the same way! I have purchased grad. invitations but am afraid to send them out for fear that it will be a curse. At our school, they have these huge framed pictures of all the previous graduates hanging in the halls. My classes pictures went up before the last test and I just knew I was going to fail the test b/c of those pictures We take our final on May 9th and I have to make a 63 to pass and graduate and though I have not made a grade like that I just get so nervous that I feel like I may bomb the test b/c of the pressure in the end!! I am just praying that I don't flub up and fail the darn thing!!

    I think we will all do fine if we can keep our nerves in check

    Good luck to everyone!!