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  1. Ok Listen to this. I took the net test to get into LPN school. I passed the test and then was told to come in for a essay, after the essay a interview... In a couple of weeks I recieved a letter saying that I was OFFICIALLY excepted into the LPN program.

    Well the first day of the program wasnt really the first day. It was oreintation, Oreintation lasted for two weeks then 3weeks. Now we the students are told that they will be giving some of us students the BOOT!!! because by law they are required to have ONLY 60 students in the course and they have 67! Why would you except over the amount of students (Bets Me) So now the school is stressing the students out! You have to pass every test they give you during the oreintation! You cant be seen on your cellphone while in the building even if you are on break! You cant do this You cant do that!!! OR YOUR OUT!!! Im so stressed along with other students about the whole situation. I thought nursing schools are suppose to be there to help you achieve not cause you more stress than you already have.....
    What do you guys think???
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  3. by   cna on her way
    Thats a strange situation, however I do know that the amount of students accepted usually depends on the amount of clinical time the program has been awarded. Maybe they were anticipating receiving more clinical time. Be happy that your school accepts so many, ours has over 200 applicants and 50 spots! My second choice only takes 30. And I am doing the LPN route as well (I hope). I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully you will get to remain in the program. You always have a few drop out anyway.
  4. by   camkib
    I think that sucks! But even so, do what you can to stay on your "best behavior" so that in the end you are one of the 60 remaining students.

    Wishing you lots of luck!
  5. by   NurseStacey143
    I hope you are one of the 60. That stinks! When I started the program we had 5 people drop in the first week! It made me so mad because those spots could have been taken by serious students who really wanted to be RN's, if those students would have declined their acceptance letters. By the end of the semester we lost 15 more due to not meeting the 75% guidlines. However we had 19 auditing students come we were back at almost full capacity. This past med surg semester we only lost one....which is a wonderful thing!