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  1. Hi all just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Also, I have one question.
    How in the heck do I get through A&P? My instructor is new and from Nairobi and I can't understand a thing she says except for "This is so easy you know? You should all know this you know?" I have spent the last week in tears and am considering not going into nursing. She is disorganized and indecisive and everything I have learned I have had to learn on my own. It is so bad there are only 9 people left in my class out of 21. I have seven weeks left and I am about to lose my mind. Anyone have any tips on self educating so I can get through the rest of this semester?
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  3. by   GeminiTwinRN
    Read the book- that's an obvious tip. Also, if any of the other A&P professors hold open labs, go to their open labs! You might inquire around if there are any tutors available at this late date who could help you in the areas you feel you need extra instruction.

    Maybe the biggest thing would be to try to get the students who are left in the class to form a study group. 3 or 4 at the most seems to be a good amount to help each other without getting offtrack.

    HTH! Good luck!
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    I had this happened once with a foreign instructor. I found another class that was being taught, and I discreetly asked the professor if I could sit quietly in the back and just listen for reinforcement. She totally understood and allowed me to do it, and kept my request confidential. I did not want to offend anyone.
  5. by   Daytonite
    make sure you check out the links on this thread:

    what subject(s) are you working on currently in class? i have 8 pages of anatomy links. i can put some together in specific areas that you are currently studying if you feel that would help you. i would also check to see if there is an online companion website for your textbook. these websites have questions and flashcards on them. here are links to two websites for previous editions of holes' human anatomy and physiology textbook. - this is the 9th edition online learning center - this links you into the 8th edition website where you link into subject areas and will find quiz questions

    you are going to find that a good deal of the nursing you learn is also going to be on your own. part of getting a college education is learning how to successfully find and use resources to help pull you up above an average level of achievement. it's tragic that this has happened to you. however, your fortitude in sticking it out and persevering through the difficulty of it says a great deal about your character. rns have to be strong, autonomous problem solvers--not just givers of hands-on care. they are managers and supervisors of patient care and patient problems. if you can get through this, you can certainly cut the mustard as an rn.