Some help with IV calculation please!

  1. *Order: 40mg Lasix IVP
    -Lasix 40 mg comes in 2 ml/ vial. 10 min 1hr
    -Students cannot do IVP, therefore
    *dilute in 8 ml of NS = total 10 ml.
    *Run as "secondary"/ "piggy-back" on pump over 10 minutes.

    How would you calculate the rate? I know it's 60ml/hr but I don't know the how to calculate it.
    Can some one help me please!
    By the way I have to say that I love this place, I don't post as much as I would like to but I read in here often and I have learned some very good tips from this place! I think everyone is great!
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  3. by   Megsd
    Maybe I'm not reading enough into the question, but from what I see...

    10ml/10 min = 1ml/min

    1ml/min * 60min/hr = 60ml/hr

    That look right?
  4. by   Daytonite
    Meghan is correct. This problem comes down to a simple ratio. You know you have a total of 10mL that has to be given over a 10 minute period. You also have an IV pump that can only be programed as the number of mL per hour. So, it is easiest to set this up as a ratio and solve for X like this:
    10mL / 10min = xmL / 60min (which is 1 hour)
    Cross multiply to get
    600 = 10XmL then, solve for X = 60mL (the flow rate you program in to the pump)