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Hi, Alright, so i've dealt w/ SA for the past 10 yrs. Had ups & downs & managed to keep it down for my 2yrs of prereqs b/c i could hide in huge lectures. Now that i just started my nursing classes... Read More

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    Quote from FNPhopeful
    I took group discussion instead of public speaking for this very reason. But I am hoping with nursing school that I'll be forced into these situations and forced to overcome my anxiety. Because at this point we cant quit!
    I used to take Wellbutrin but I dont really think it did anything. (Does Effexor work?)
    I have found that Effexor XR release works really well for me. Before I was always gasping for breath because it felt like I couldn't get enough air in my lungs (My pulse ox reading is great though). Between that and the general verge of panic that I felt throughout the day, I was exhausted every evening. I finally feel much calmer & like I can function normally. I have NO side effects from the Effexor XR (75mg). It took about 3 weeks to begin to work, but what a difference!
    I also took Wellbutrin a few years ago (when my mother passed away) & I also felt that it really wasn't that helpful.

    You also asked what a doctor prescribes if you are on the verge of a full-blown panic attack. I was also given a non-refillable script of Xanax, but haven't used any of that.I took 1/2 of one once & it made me soooooo tired- I slept for 14 hours!

    Good luck to everybody!:wink2:

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    I have bad anxiety and a little bit of social phobia. I feel the same way about what everyone is saying. I hated getting checked off on skills and just anything that you have to do in front of people. It makes me feel SOO uncomfortable. I just went to the doc and got prescribed Zoloft and so far it is working great!! I never thought that it would really make my anxiety go away!!! Its weird without anxiety I really feel normal. I really suggest it!!! Well, whatever medication might work for you. Good Luck, don't give up!!! I know exactly how you feel.