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  1. Ok, so the first semester of nursing school is almost over for me. (about 3 weeks left.) As of right now, I'm sitting pretty good in 2 of my classes, the other 3 I'm working hard to finish with B's. Nursing school is nothing like I expected, some parts good, some parts not so good. This semester the clinicals felt like "babysitting" so I'm hoping next semester will be a bit more hands on and lil more challenging. The lecture material was definitely nothing to play with, with pharmacology bein the worst. I never know how much I retain until it comes up again, so I think I've gained enough knowledge to build on next semester. Overall I give this semester a GRADE C. What do yall think?
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  3. by   HeavenBound0530
    Well...let me tell you...I went into my program knowing it was going to consume my life and consumed my life and my next life!!! I'm barely passing with a C but I look at it this way...there's alot of people that aren't passing with now...and i can fail the next couple tests and still get a C to pass which is a comforting thought...because I have yet to fail a test..sooo...It was tought but I definately wouldn't chagne a thing..I've made some really awesome friends that are gonna be with me for at least the next 2 years of my life and that was one of the most rewarding things i could've asked for!! Good Luck next year!!!