So glad the semester is almost over

  1. I don't know if it has just been dumb luck or what, but I seem to have gotten a string of assignment pts that are train wrecks. in addition to having an instructor who has the tone of voice that tells me I'm in the way. Today was the big one, my patient died within 5 minutes of finishing her bed bath.

    The only good thing, for my ego, that came out of it was being told I did the right thing. I was looking for peripheral pulses while the co-assign was looking for apical and breath sounds. My instructor asked why I didn't run out of the room to get help, my response was that the pt was a DNR, her silence caught my attention, the bed was up in the air, and I knew the daughter was soon to return. I chose to use the call button because the roomate's family was there and I heard my co-assign right outside the door.

    I'm just glad my EMT training kicked in because I don't remember anyone in my nursing class being taught AVPU (alert, verbal, pain, unresponsive). Doing a sternal rub coaxed her to breathe, albeit agonal, as the head nurse and my co-assign came in. My only response to them when asked what was worng was "she's apneic". My facial expression told the rest of the story. I stayed with them the entire time, I let my own panic hit me after the ordeal.

    I'll have to add more later as it's almost time to head off to work.
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  3. by   AnnieJac
    Wow, I would have walked out of the room then RAN to the nurse. I haven't had one like that yet, but I have asked about the code blue button. I am on a floor where not many are under 75, and not alot are DNR. So I thought if something happened, I would push the button then start the process of CPR. You seem to know alot which is a huge plus for you. Sounds like you did a great job. I'm glad my first term is almost over also. Next term I feel like we really start getting into the meat of things. Good luck to you!