So embarrased.. first day of Med-Surg clinical

  1. Well the day went well we just spent today shadowing the nurse we were assigned to. Next week the real work begins where we take on the role of the RN. Today I got a observe a thoracentesis and clinical evidence of a DVT. The thoracentesis was cool but the room got so hot that I felt lightheaded and had to leave before it was finished. A few minutes later I was sitting with my head down all diaphoretic and flushed getting ready to pass out. Don't know why since I ate this AM and thought I had plently of fluids but all the S/S lead me to believe I was suffering from dehydration so after getting some ice water I felt much better. Course the whole rest of the day was spent with my clinical instructor making sure I was ok. :imbar The most embarrassing part was this happened after I told her that I don't faint at the sight of blood so now she thinks I'm squimish..
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  3. by   vamedic4
    Allie...don't worry about it. I've worked beside physicians, assisting with Chest tubes/central line placements and done the same exact thing you describe. Sometimes what we THINK we can handle is sabotaged by our body's current state of awareness/tolerance. You did the right thing, get out, get cooler, sit down...put your head down.
    Don't be embarrased, it happens to everyone, and can happen to anyone at any time. It happened again to me when my son was getting stitches in his lip from a run in with a chair...the nurse looked at me and was like "you don't look so good"...Oh, yeah....I damn near passed out then too. It's different when it's your own little one.

    Don't worry about it!!!!
  4. by   BoonersmomRN
    I feel for you! Back in fundamentals we were learning wet to drys on a dummy and I was sitting down next to the dummy. I stood up real fast when she lifted the gauze and the next thing I know I am coming to on the bed next to the dummy. I had a vasgovagal event and passed right out. Thing is- THEY thought I either was A) bothered by the fake blood on the dummy or B)hypoglycemic. So, they kept making me drink apple juice- NO ONE took my BP! Then the nursing director made me go to the DR and my BP was Soooo low for me...and I am normally high.

    Anywho..when I came back to tell them what happened they all thought I was afraid of FAKE blood. I was soooo embarrassed!

    So I know how you feel. She will soon forget Hang in there