SNA and mentors

  1. I was wondering if many of your schools have student nursing associations and if so are many of you going to the NSNA conference in Philly. Also I see many people posting looking for mentors do any of you guys schools have a mentor program in place. At the school I attend, the SNA oversees a mentor program. Until this semester, people wanting mentors signed up and were assigned a mentor (someone 2 semesters ahead). This semester we changed it and have a couple of people heading up the program and when someone or a group of people want help they setup a time and senior students meet with them in the learning lab or a classroom if needed just curios as to how some other schools do it.
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  3. by   marieoct62
    I am a junior nursing student in a BSN program. Our first two years are done at a local college and the next two years are at a hospital 30 miles from the college. I really wish we could do the mentoring program to give the freshman and sophmores more support and encouragement to keep them in the BSN program. I brought this to my advisor and somehow we are going to try to get a support group or mentoring program in place. The worst part is those few senior students who tell their horror stories to the underclassmen and scare them half to death!

    I was thinking of going to the NSNA Conference in Philly but there is also another conference in Hershey PA that I was asked to attend. I am still debating!!!!
  4. by   StudentSandra
    We have SNA but not a mentor program. I think we have all decided against going to Philly, from what I have read most of the program is Association politics, bylaws, new offices and such. When looking at the adgenda, it didn't look like too many interesting topics. Everyone that went to the State convention in ILL enjoyed it, there were a bunch of speakers & booths. JMHO
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  5. by   Agnus
    We had a mentor program in our school. Some mentors were more committed than others. Fact is I never got to meet mine, and all mentors were volunteers!

    I tried not to be that kind when it was my turn. She was a good student but absolutely no help to me. Why did she bother?
  6. by   crnasomeday
    We have an SNA at my school. I'm the secretary for our organization. We've decided against going to the national conference just because it's really too much of a hassle to have to take off school to go to it, and then try to find the time to make up the clinical days.

    We also have a mentoring program that the SNA set up, but it has never really taken off. I mean, we get lots of people interested in it every year, but then as the school work starts piling up and time demands get intense, everybody just blows it off, myself included I must admit.