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    We just finished our nursing skills class and now the next section we start next week is Nursing Fundamentals. I know each Nursing program varies but can someone tell me the major differences between the Skills class and Fundamentals class. I'm aware that we will be learning Medication administration but aside from that have not heard nor seen a syllabus yet. When does Pathophysiology come into play or is that more for when we begin Med-Surg section in January. In skill we pretty much did the CNA duties (bedbath, bedmaking, etc.) I like to be prepared in advance so if there is anything I need to brush up on, I want to start asap.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   CrunchyMama
    Your program sounds totally different then mine. We didn't have a skills class, well kinda I guess. We had lecture and clinical. The first 6 weeks of clinical wasn't spent in the hospital like a regular clinical, it was spent in the lab at school learning skills. The set of skills we were tested on 1st semester was a head to toe assessment and drawing up meds/injections. This year though for 1st semester students, they've thrown foley catheter in there. It's interesting how other schools work. Good luck!