Single mother taking pre-nursing classes...would this be a good idea?

  1. Where do I began....Well after graduating HS in 2008 I enrolled at my local community college in Pensacola FL. Clueless as to what I wanted to major in I choose nursing because everyone convinced me that this would be one the best fields to work in. Well my 1st year of college I goofed off. I managed to complete a few classes but withdrew from most for whatever reason. 2nd year of college I met who would soon be the father of my child. I'm embarrassed to say that I allowed our relationship to interfere with my schooling and I found myself skipping out on classes just to hang out with him . Eventually I withdrew from my classes and a month later found out that I was pregnant Nov of 2009. I did not return to school spring semester and still havent told my parents that i missed an entire semester of school. My parents left FL the beginning of my 2nd year so I had no parental supervision whatsoever and i totally abused that. Well my father is currently active duty in the army and he plans to let me use 2 years worth of his GI BILL. After having my daughter my parents convinved me to move to GA with them to complete school. I realize that I am very grateful to have such a wonderful support system and I really want to take advantage of this. My question is should I continue working towards my pre-nursing AA degree and retake those classes I did poorly in then transfer to a univeristy? Or should I try getting into an LPN program than bridge my way to RN? Im only eligible for two years of free tution (GI BILL) which means if I re-do my two years at community college ill have to pay out off pocket of get a loan(I dont mind getting a loan) once I transfer to a university. With me being a single mother would which would be the better route? Im also having a hard time finding school here in ATL with and LPN program. I really have my heart set on this:heartbeat. I want to be able to give my daughter a wonderful life like I had. I dont want my parents supporting me forever...Im 20 btw
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    20 isn't too old, by any means, lol. So you're good, there.

    Nursing schools are deluged with applicants, not all of whom are really qualified, but getting into any RN program takes a while, even if it's just to get through the application process. If you can, I'd go for ADRN or BSRN instead of LPN, but LPN is shorter duration, and locally here, it's vastly easier to get into. More LPN schools than RN, more than one class starts per year, and more available LPN seats than RN seats. Plus LPN programs want people who can do college level work, b/c they are easier to train.

    Try this training provider list as a shortcut to finding LPN schools, listed as Practical Nursing. There may be more schools but usually the public ones and the established ones will be on these WIA training provider lists. If you are on the border, also look at the similar list for the neighboring state.
    Georgia's WIA Eligible Provider List

    Most schools will transfer in prereq credits provided they are less than 6 years old or whatever that particular school's policy states. English and math and stuff like that, things that do not change much if any, they might take older credits.

    Instead of repeating classes that you don't need, review that subject material yourself. If you don't have your old books, you can buy some old editions of "typical" textbooks cheaply on ebay or from Craigslist or local free ad papers.

    I'm no help on the child-rearing issues because I do not have children. Maybe post this question in the GA state forum, if you haven't already.
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