Since we are screaming!!!???

  1. Can I add my gripe???

    I have been in the Learning Center working on my math (hadda start over with "This is a fraction" back oh, 2 years ago. Been taking me a long time with the stupid Algebra that I hadda learn from the basement up.....

    Anyway, got good news at the beginning of the semester, they shortened it from 7 ch. of Algebra to 5 ch. I was on the LAST of the quizzes, and had to take the final for the chapter, then I was done................................or so I thought.

    Went in today at 1 pm to start on the exam, cause I knew it was going to take me forever to do it, cause I just DON"T think in that direction..............

    So, finished the exam at 7:30 tonight, (I am NOT kidding about how long it takes me), (we are allowed to ask all the questions and get all the explanations we need).......and started dancing a jig cause I got a really good grade on the test......

    THEN.................the instructor told me that there is a CUMULATIVE test for these 5 chapters that nobody told me about......I was told to get through ch 5...........................

    So, that test is twice as long as the one I took today, and covers material that I haven't looked at since April of 00........................

    So................I sat and cried...

    I can still ask questions and get explanations, but.....the thought of 12 solid hours of Algebra is making me heave..........

    Wish me luck, I will be sitting in there from 8 am to 8 pm tomorrow. I am determined to get this dammmmed test over with tomorrow.

    Other wise, the day was ok, cept it rained and got really cold.

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  3. by   craff1
    yuck, 12 hours of algebra? there outta be a law, you know!
    I know exactly what you're going through. I had to take so many math classes (also started w/ bone head math) that they finally gave me an A.S. degree in math and physical science!! And what's funny about that is that I'm horrible of math! (but looks good on the resume!) I had to take bus. calculus for grad school (dropped out of ms program in human resources before changing to medicince, I hated it) then I had to take trig to get into calculus and physics to apply for vet school (next on my list after RN school). Trig is the only B I've gotten in like the last 30 units. I got a D on my first exam (WITH A PRIVATE TUTOR!) and had to pull it up from there. I should have dropped right away and changed teachers because I have gotten a's in all my other math classes due to tutoring and lots of studying. So that threw my GPA all to hell of course. And besides that, who cares if the plane is flying southeast at 30 degrees and the wind is blowing north west? (Unless you're flying the plane, of course! hahaha). I mean that's like those train questions, right? You all with me here?

    Like we're gonna use that crap every day in our nursing career! They should require dosage calc class to prepare us and drop some of these higher math req's. Why do docs need to understand calculus anyway? Just look at it as another "weeder" class, and grit your teeth and bear it.

    Good luck, don't forget to breathe, GO GET 'EM!!!
  4. by   MRed94
    Thanks, Cheryl.

    I feel better about it today, I was having a really rough day yesterday, and pity party sounded like a good idea....

  5. by   KristaB

    How did it go today?

  6. by   MRed94
    Took the stupid test, took me about 6 hours....

    I just don't think in that direction, I guess. Takes me forever to figure this crap out.

    Anyhow, I got an 83 on the test, and ended up with a 94 for the whole thing.

    I am so glad that is done with.

    Thanks for the support.

  7. by   moni rn
    great job, marla!!! :d
  8. by   KristaB
    That's great, Marla!!