Simmons Collete Accelerated BSN

  1. Is anyone attending this program or considered it? I would like to know what the acceptance rates are. I've applied for this program (the only program i applied for), and am understandably worried that there's a possibility I won't get in (der) I felt pretty confident bc I have almost all of the pre-reqs (short one), have over 6 months of volunteerism in a clinical setting, and some pretty good letters of recommendation. I was reading on here that for the direct entry MSN, they accept 80 out of 250, but the since the accelerated BSNs and direct-entry MSNs complete the same program during the first 1.5 years, it seems that they would have to split the people they accept between the two programs. That means my chance of getting in is even smaller, right?

    Ok, so I was just wondering if anyone has any info about this program, and their acceptance rates and all that . . .

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Where is Simmons College located?
  4. by   Nursey Face
    It is in Boston, MA.
  5. by   sumdae
    Hi, I'm also applying to this program and here's what I know... they do have rolling admissions, so you should know a month or so after applying if you're in or not - you won't have to wait until the deadline. Dean of Nursing, Dr. Judy Beal, gave me this info about acceptance:
    "We typically accept 30 students to the 18 month program and 40 to the
    2 year program. That aside, the bigger issue for you is how much you need to work while in school- If you do not need to work more than 12 hours per week the 18 month program is fine- more than that you probably need to consider the 2 year...also the 18 month program is slightly more competitive..."
    she didn't include how many apply, but i know it's in the hundreds. Good Luck!
  6. by   Nursey Face
    I just found out Saturday I was accepted to the 18 month program!!! Yay!!! Thanks for your response. Which program did you apply to? When did you apply?
  7. by   sumdae
    Congratulations!! Wow, that's really exciting - i bet you're really relieved! I am sending my ap in this week for the 18-mo. program as well. Did you go in for the "optional" interview? i'm thinking i'll just mail my application in.
    the only prereq i don't have is organic chem, but there's the biochem summer option. have you taken org yet?
    wow, i'm so jealous! what was your g.p.a. the first time around if you don't mind me asking?? and your prereq grades? i'm not surprised that you got in with all of that volunteer experience. that's one thing i'm definitely lacking b/c i work 55 hours a week as a nanny/house manager. at times, i feel like i'm volunteering my life to them! haha.
    anyway, it's possible that we could wind up being classmates! i'm also applying to curry college.
    would love to hear more from you.
  8. by   Nursey Face
    Hi Summer,

    Well, I am taking biochem this summer. That will be my lasts pre-req. In my other pre-reqs, I got all As, so that helps. I called last week to ask some questions and they said that they were looking for people with high gpas. My GPA in college of 3.3, I think . . . so it's not amazingly high but I guess good enough for them.

    Yes, I am very relieved!!!! I am very excited about the program. My friend is in the program and has really enjoyed it thus far.

    Good luck and keep me in the loop!
  9. by   Nursey Face
    Oh, and I was thinking of applying to Curry but Simmons is so much more convenient in terms of location for me, and I just get such a good vibe about it.

    Nannying - are you going to contine to nanny? Are you a boston in the boston area or in the suburbs? The reason I ask is that I thought that might be a great part time job to have this summer prior to my starting the program, but I'm having a hard time because I don't have references. My mother ran a day care business out of our home and I gained a ton of childcare experience this way, but that doesn't seem to cut the mustard for people I have talked to. I feel stuck!!

    Anyway, good luck!
  10. by   sumdae
    wow, you won't believe this, but my mom ran a daycare business out of our home as well, and i got a 3.3 my first time around.. hahah.. maybe it's a good sign?
    i do have a B in inorganic Chem and Intro to Psyc, but i took them so long ago... and with all A's in my recent prereqs. including the A&P's and Micro, I'm hoping they'll take into consideration the fact that i'm much more mature and committed at this point in my life. We'll see! The people I work for are both docs and harvard profs, so hopefully the letter of rec will be stellar, too.

    I definitely can't continue nannying like i am now. I've been with this fam for 3 1/2 years (in the beginning i said i'd stay maybe 2), and now i'm not only a nanny, but a secretary, chef, personal assistant, taxi, so there's no way i can keep up with it while studying. i work in newton, live in natick, so simmons and curry are both about 35 min. away... that kind of sucks, but i'll get used to it.

    i'm sure you could get a summertime nanny position somewhere. i personally got a job through the boston nanny center, an agency in newton centre, but i think you need to make a year commitment. check out too. there must be families that need and want someone with your kind of experience.. and being college-educated definitely helps.
  11. by   cereus
    Nursey Face-

    Are you in the program now? I sent you an email to ask a few questions but figured I'd post here too.

  12. by   Nursey Face
    Mgn, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! Yes, i'm at Simmons and will be done in December (yeah)! Well, I think most people seem to get in as long as they have decent grades. It's a great school but at least when I got in, it seems that a lot of people get in. I'm not sure what their limits are but I do know that they are accepting a lot more people now. I'm not sure what your experience is like at Simmons but the downside of the nursing program is that there are a lot of administrative and communcation issues which create a lot of stress and frustration. I wouldn't say that I wouldn't go there because of it but it gets really annoying. Keep in mind UMass Boston also has an accelerated program and it's WAY cheaper. Simmons just increased their cost $1200 per clinical which has caused a huge uproar! The good stuff is that the education is good and the clinical sites are great. Hope that helps!
  13. by   cereus

    Thanks for getting back to me. I heard that they only take 30 people to the 18 month program, and I'm not sure how many of those spaces are for internal applicants. Have we met on campus/at orientation? Also, what did you write about in your admission essay, if i can ask? I have As in Bio and Psych, and am taking the A&Ps, Chem, and BioPsych this fall (for I plan to be a neuro nurse).


  14. by   lillies123
    Hey! I was just wondering if anyone had a response to my concern...I wanted to get into the direct entry program at simmons college and want to take some pre-reqs there...I took chem in my freshmen year of college but got a C+ so i was wondering if I took the course again and received an A would they hold it against me for taking the course twice? Any response would be awesome