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Is anyone attending this program or considered it? I would like to know what the acceptance rates are. I've applied for this program (the only program i applied for), and am understandably worried... Read More

  1. by   TryingtoGetIn
    Hi everyone,
    I am really interested in applying to Simmons for the direct entry program, however my husband and I are not sure where we will end up after his post-doc ends in 1.5 years. That being the said, I am looking at stand-alone accelerated BSN programs (without the direct entry into the masters program). I am a bit confused by Simmons website regarding the existence of the ABSN. It is not clear to me that the accelerated BSN is offered by itself. The reason I am replying to this thread is because it sounds like the program mentioned above is an 18 month accelerated BSN program at Simmons. Is there one? If so, how do I get to it?

    Thanks so much everyone!