Sigma Theta Tau

  1. I got invited to join yesterday Who here is a current member?
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  3. by   laurainaz
    I've never heard of Sigma Theta Tau, is it an honor society like Phi Theta Kappa?
  4. by   fairyprincess2003
    Hey there
    It is the official national nursing honor society....
    I guess it's important, all of my professors are members and they all have their PhD's is Nursing, nursing ed, nursing research, etc.
    Anyway, if there are any current members abroard cn you pass me along any experiences you have had, and what chapter you are a member of??
  5. by   spineCNOR
    I am a current member - Gamma Eta chapter (Samford University, Birmingham, AL). I joined last year when I was in a RN-Mobility BSN completion program, mainly becuase I thought it would look good on a resume. I have participated in the chapter's Undergraduate Research Day where some classmates and I presented projects from our research class. Doing a presentation in front of a room of mostly strangers was a good opportunity, as public speaking is not one of my strengths, and is an area I need to work on.
    I haven't been attending meetings, so I can't tell you about that.

    SST does have an interesting journal. For people wanting to go on to graduate study they offer some scholarships. Membership looks good on a grad school application.
  6. by   shannonRN
    i'm a member, don't have a very active chapter tho. would like to become more active...donate to the society and find the journals interesting. congrats on getting an invite to join!!
  7. by   globalRN
    Kappa Gamma Chapter
    Yes, it does look 'good' on the CV but only if
    people know what it means. It is a good opportunity to network
    with people.