Sexually Harassed in the workplace

  1. This can apply to anyone. This is a spin off from an already existing thread...I wanted to discuss this to see if there are any other people (women or MEN) who have been harassed in the workplace (or school). What did you do about it and what advice can you give others if it happens to them?
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  3. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I think that if there is truly harassment, then it needs to be dealt with by notifying the proper channels at the employment or school. If that doesn't work, the police.

    However, I also think "The boy that cried wolf" story has hurt a person's claim to sexual harassment.

    I swear if someone even looks at someone, says a dirty joke, or pats someone one the back, someone slaps them with a harassment charge. Then, when someone is really being harassed, people hesitate to believe them.
  4. by   Gumshooz
    Oh my gosh that has happened to me before. The supervisor had extremely bad skin, he was large, and had a extremely bad body odor that everyone talked about. (To put it in a polite manner) He was telling me that the doctor told him that he had alot of build up testostrone and he needed to get a female to help him release some of that. All of what he said was him voluntary and came out of nowhere. I was suprised that he said it. It made me sick to my stomach. I ended up turning him into HR. But he had a friend that's sister worked in the office and her friend was the HR lady. She was trying to falsify the documents (location, and other info.) so that it would look like i was making things up when it really happened. I ended up going to a different location but he stayed. I didnt want to go back anyway because the enviroment just wouldnt be the same anymore. People assume too many things and choose sides too quickly.