Senior seminar - what is it at your school?

  1. I did a search and saw several different versions. Haven't really gotten a definitive answer from the instructors at my school, and I'm just wondering what to expect. I thought maybe one thread where people post their own experiences with senior seminar might be helpful. Thanks!
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  3. by   jjbaby
    At my school, seminar was the final class, it was mostly case studies and group work. There was a reflection paper that we had to write that was about how we felt about our experience with nursing school. Overall it is a review of your schooling and a case study review to begin preparing for State Boards. I took mine online and it was not hard it is just time consuming to look up all the info for the case studies. I am sure everyone has a different type of seminar but this is what mine was.
    Also during seminar week, we had to take the final HESI exam. At my school you had to have an 850 (on HESI) to pass/graduate. Only one person from our class has had to take it more than once. He is getting ready to take it the 3rd and final time. Hope he does well.

    Good Luck.
    JJ RN
  4. by   jenrninmi
    We have seminar every semester, but basically it's a lot of group work, case studies and presentations. Sorry, don't know what the last semester will be like.
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