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  1. I'm applying to SDSU for the Spring 2008 but cramming last 2 classes in the summer before applying in august so i can the points for it. The advisor told me that the last student to get in for last admission had a score of 68 pts. Any SDSU students here? What points did you get to get admitted?

    I'm worried that even if I make all A's and have everything else I won't get in because I have ap credit for Psychology and she said it was a C since I got a 3 so it wouldn't give me 4 points. If I get everything else max then it would be 73. Should I be worried and take psychology? I go to a community college but as a non-resident until august so it costs a lot of money per unit =/
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  3. by   chudder
    You can still get the points if you take those classes in the fall. You have to get your instructors to email the undergrad advisor with your final grade, and have an official transcript sent. They use the prof's emailed grades to do a preliminary ranking, then as soon as official grades come in for all applicants, the ranking is finalized and they start making calls. You will get a call only a few days before new student orientation.

    So, you're fine. Take one class in the summer and two during the fall, or all three during the fall. 110 are being admitted in the fall instead of 90, so your chances are even better. Figure the money out... paying a couple of hundred bucks is totally worth getting into school a semester earlier, thus working 6 months earlier, right? 68 was NOT the lowest number of points for spring 07 acceptance... I can tell you that much for sure! Anyway, if you have a "projected" 73 points, don't even worry-- you will totally get in with that. Just sent you an email, also... hah.. ^_^
  4. by   chudder
    To clarify, while 68 was not the lowest number of points accepted, it was the original cutoff. A few students declined the offer of admission, so some students with 67 made it in.
  5. by   brighella
    To get in last fall the lowest score was 71, we had 700 people competing for 90 seats. I would say maximise the points as much as possible. However I do know that the criteria has changed significantly, so I wouldnt panic, and 73 would still get you in.