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  1. Does anyone know what admissions is like at SDSU? I know it's impacted like everywhere else but I was reading on their website that admissions is point based. So the more points you have the better. I attended a university in Texas as a biology major. I moved here and am currently attending a community college to do nursing pre-requisites. I've got a good academic record with making A's in all my courses (except for Calculus II which I took over the summer and made a B). I'm hoping to make straight A's in the courses I'm taking now as well. I know I can do well in school and get the points for their point system but I'm just curious as to if they give favor to students that live around the san diego area. This counselor said that she heard SDSU gives favor to those that took high school or took their prereqs in the san diego area. Is this true? Can anyone from SDSU nursing give information regarding this?

    Also, if I'm unable to get into anatomy and physiology II this summer at the community college I'm going to, I was intending on possibly going to the university in texas to take that requirement but still come back for the fall semester here. How does SDSU view out of state courses? I know a lot of California schools don't allow you to get into the nursing program if you're not from California. Which I've moved here but was thinking of taking summer classes in Texas if it's not available here. Do I have to finish all my prereqs before applying to increase chances? Will having organic left to do for the fall 2007 semester give me a great disadvantage in apply for the spring 2007 sem? How do they treat AP scores? I made 4s on English Comp and English lit AP exams so I'm hoping to use it for the prereq.

    Finally, once in the program is it possible to condense it into 2 years. I'll probably have all the general education before starting the nursing program (which hopefully will be in spring 2007) as well as the physiology requirement. I'm also looking into taking the pathophysiology (or was it pharmacology ... one of those) at the school in Texas (they offer it for people that are still pre-nursing because they work on a different system but same course) and possibly psychology requirements as well. All that will leave me with about 4-5 semesters worth of nursing courses. Do I have to spread that out into 6 semesters or can i compact it if I get admitted?

    thanks in advance for the help!
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  3. by   chudder
    It is a point system. Go to to find out what gets you points.

    I'm not aware of any favor given to local students for the nursing program itself, but there is a higher GPA requirement for non-local transfer students applying to the university. You need to be accepted by the university first.

    Try to get A&PII at a different community college... there are a lot of local options for this course.

    You need to spend some time on at,, and then talk to a counselor at sdsu about transferring (don't trust your community college counselor!!!), and, possibly, set up an appointment to talk to someone in the nursing program about your admission.

    Out of state courses are fine, as long as they're from an accredited college or university. Check out!tap.disp for the transfer admission planner.

    You need to have your prereqs done by the end of fall 2007 for spring 2008 admission.

    AP credit:

    You cannot condense the program. They are considering shortening the program to 5 semesters, but I don't know what will come of that.

    Last, don't count on message board advice on something like this... really dig into the transfer admission requirements on the web sites and make sure you have everything lined up just right. Do you have health care volunteering or work experience? Are you bilingual? Have you had a leadership role or supervisory experience at work?

    With that said, message me if you need any advice after you've looked over all that info. I'd be glad to help.

    Good luck!!!