Scrubs and stethoscope

  1. OK...should my scrubs top fit normal around the shoulders and snug in the tummy area, or a pretty loose in the shoulder area and a little loose around the tummy area... I have found that the "large" is too big in the shoulders and the "medium" is a little snug in the belly area. When I fill my pockets to the fullest capacity I have a pretty tight situation . I just don't want the loose shoulders and baggier top to be interperated as sloppy...but I want to be comfortable and to be able to put all I want in my pockets during clinicals... important is it to get a more expensive stethoscope for the first semester in a 2 yr. ADN program? I am looking at the Littmann $35.00 one on called the Lightweight II S. E. ...Is that sufficient???

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  3. by   psalm
    ...check out the different styles of scrub tops. I'm a gal, and a fitted princess style was a good choice for me. I wore one unbuttoned over a white short-sleeved top in school. I had the professional look and didn't have to worry abuot the tightness at the chest or at the pocket area. I also had the traditional scrub top with the two pockets. Get some scrub pants with the extra cargo pockets for scissors and phone.

    ...get a stethescope that won't be too heavy around your neck all day!!
  4. by   Dan's Sunshine
    I agree, a different style or brand may fit you better. If I had to choose I would go with the loose top. Keep in mind that you might want to wear a shirt under it in the winter.

    I asked in registration about steths. We were told to get a good one and get it engraved. I got a Littman Classic ll SE from They also have the Lightweight ll SE. I had previously tried to order from allheart, they sent me an e-mail that the scope was on backorder and could not tell me when it would be shipped. Later I did find something on the website that warns that backorders are common with their scopes. I got my scope in a week from redding medical and it was engraved.

    Good luck in your search

  5. by   rsauten
    Thanks to both of you guys...
    The problem that I have with the scrubs(which I should have stated) is that I can only wear one style while doing my clinical rotations...Landau style with the square neck. The cargo pants that go with it dont have pockets, but the top does have 4 pockets. I think I am going to get the Large top. They said we could wear a shirt under it, but it couldn't show???

    Thanks for the steth link!!
  6. by   ICRN2008
    I just got my stethoscope for, but it took over 3 weeks to arrive because it was backordered. If you don't want to wait, I would order from someone else.