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I have a silly question, but I am hoping to get some answers!! I start my ADN program pretty soon and I am very nervous about giving shots/taking blood. I have never done anything like it before... Read More

  1. by   KrisRNwannabe
    I agree with the above, foleys on men are super easy. Females are another story. everyone I have done have been on ladies over 90. I am not sure how to say nicely.....let's just say gravity is not nice to the female anatomy!!!! Picture this: I am ready to do my very first one, my teacher seperates the ladies legs, I look down and think OMG!! my fingers aren't long enough to seperate all of this skin!!!! well my patient (totally not with it) keeps acting like she is going puke so we have to stop raise the bed up and wait. I am sweating (because these little old people need the room 100 degrees) My friend next to me (holding the basin, in case) is whispering you can do it, jst breathe in my ear, finally it is show time. I get it all seperated (by the grace of god) trying to locate the clitoris as a landmark (i can't tell for sure if I have found it or not) then picture this our instructor turns to the male student (not from this country even) as says " For god's sake (name removed to protect the inocent) give her some light so she can see" at this point I am thinking thank god this lady is out of it. vision of our student with a miner's cap and light keep running through my head. my instructor is yelling there it is do you see it!! and I am like no your hand is in the way. finally I see it!! and boom it is in. much smoother going in than i thought. wow. after seeing that I don't want to get old!!! anyway, the dumb fake guy in the lab doesn't even compare to a real person. Now that I have done many I feel fine. try and start one on a 26 year old guy who is hot. very uncomfortable for all parties at first.

    good luck