Sandra's sad.

  1. we had our final today. the good news is i passed, the bad news is one of my best friends didn't. we started out with 28, lost 2 in the beginning. between monday & today 3 dropped, one couldn't pass if she didn't miss any on the final, the other 2 that dropped could only miss 2-4 points on the final. my friend stuck it out. she could only miss 8 on the final, she missed 12.
    the second level students lost 2 after their final.

    it was a sad day for them & their friends.

    just had to vent.
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  3. by   craff1
    It's hard when we have to go on w/o the company of our friends and study partners. I hope she will not give up, but try, try again, like the little engine. For you, well, keep your chin up. God will bring you another person to be on your team and to edify and encourage you.

    I'm sorry that happened to her and you,
  4. by   armyrn
    Sucks badly to lose a buddy. My best friend flunked out of nursing school during our 3rd year. I ended up losing a girlfriend out of it too, cause I spent so much time consoling my buddy and helping her figure out what to do with her life that i totally neglected my girlfriend at the time I would make the same choice again though. Be there for your friend, as much as you can. He/She probably really needs you now. Also, don't feel guilty that you passed. Not everyone can do what we nurses do. It's supposed to be hard. Doesn't make our friends bad people, but you shouldn't be any less proud of yourself.
  5. by   Tina Ennis
    I totally understand where you are coming from, during my second semester I lost my entire study group!! I lost my 8 closest friends, I moved to the area where I am attending school and all my friends were from nursing school and I lost them all!! So far 4 of the 8 have got notices that they will be reaccepted in January to repeat second semester again and then go on from there. So I compeletly understand what you are feeling and I wanted to let you know that you will make new friends in your class because I have.

    Good Luck to ya

  6. by   jessjoy
    We need a 77% to pass and my friend was at a 76 going into the final. Well....we took the final today and she missed 23 questions out of 75 Needless to say she didn't pass. She says she is not going to give up and I admire her determination.