Role Transition

  1. Role Transition is the one class I haven;t heard much if anything about?
    So I'm just curious what to expect...
    I'm getting excited to head back for my 2nd year, even though I know all of the work that will come with it.
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  3. by   katiescow
    Your role is changing even while your still a student your becoming more responsible in providing the care for each and everyone of your patients more duties/tasks will be handed off to you and you will be expected to take them on and know what the next step will be. Anything from reading lab values and identifying what the problem is to knowing the side effects of your patients medications and what you need to be prepared for in case there's that chance they have a reaction. Your now becoming in charge of people's lives while they're in your care and some of them will love you and some of them will curse you it's all a part of being a nurse. Your there to help them when they need it the most. They'll be relying on you to step up to the plate.
  4. by   Cohiba
    Ask the faculty--every program's classes are different so we can't say what the Role Transition class at your school will involve...