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  1. After spending two days in the ER for clinicals last week I have to write a paper about my ER experience. The first thing we need to touch on is the role of the ER nurse. Now, having spent 16 hours with ER nurses I understand what their role is, but I just can't seem to put it into words!!! How frustrating They do so much that I just don't know where to start! I don't usually have this problem...... any suggestions on where to start describing the role of the ER nurse would be much appreciated!!!
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  3. by   DudeNurseRN
    Cowboy/Cowgirl Medicine.

    They are the folks who figure out what the major complaints are, stop any big things from happening and then send them upstairs for the floor nurses to take care of from there.

    Assess what the major problem is, get the person stable, and get'em upstairs. That's probably the simplest explanation but you are definately right, that it's the stuff inbetween that takes a lot of explaining.
  4. by   onyx77
    Thanks, even that simple statement really helped jumpstart my brain! I think I was experiencing 'nursing student's writer's block'.