RN to LPN delegation in Kansas

  1. I am working on a delegation assignment for school. As I try to "think critically" and hash through this material that really hasn't been taught to me I have run into some really big questions & hoped some of you Kansas RNs could help me.
    1. Can an LPN draw blood from a central line? I say no, am I right?
    2. Can an LPN initiate a portacath? I say no.
    3. Call the MD for orders for a patient who has suddenly lost consciousness? I say the RN has to do this.
    4. Administer bolus NG feeding. I say RN.

    I understand that laws are different in different states & since I'm in school in KS, I am asking mostly KS RNs. As I googled these topics I have found a lot of variations in other states!

    Thanks so much for you help!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    It is very easy to find the answers to these questions by going to the website for the Kansas Board of Nursing and linking in the the Kansas Nursing Law. You can link to the Kansas Board of Nursing from allnurses by clicking on "Links" above. A drop down menu appears. Click on "Board of Nursing". When the page of the boards come up, click on "Kansas". The link to the Kansas Board of Nursing will be there for you. When you get to their website, look for a link to the Nursing law or do a search for it on their site.