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  1. I just completed my summer pre-nursing requirement so now I am officially in nursing school come the fall.
    My problem:

    I have to be full-time for a few scholarship requirements. My only BSN prereq's I still will need are Chem(basic) and Statistics. I have registered for Chem 1 to coincide with my nursing course this fall (Adult Nursing 1). Are there online RN-BSN programs which do not require these two prereq's? Should I take them with Adult Nursing 1 (Chem only, Stat in the Spring)? Should I wait and take them after I graduate and am working? Will I be able to take them at school after I start working or will I be so stressed from working that it will be impossible? My goal is to become a CRNA or another type of ANP for overseas missionary work assisting a surgeon in India. I am not a blind young hopeless student. Shoot it straight! lol. Thanks for all the forthcoming help!

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  3. by   sunnysteph87
    I have not heard of any BSN program that wouldn't require chem and statistics. Chem is a basic requirement for any nursing program, and statistics is a requirement for pretty much all BSNs; at least that is what my school told me. Don't you have to take those two classes before you even start a BSn degree?? If not, that is news to me too. I would take those two classes before you go inot nursing school if possible, because you will probably need it. You can throw in a class that isnt required, but would still be helpful like a psychology class to make your load fulltime. I think nursing school is hard as it is, taking those classes w/ nursing classes might bog you down, especially if you will have a full load already. I am not sure how online programs work though and if you're a hard worker I'm sure you can make it work. Good luck!
  4. by   LVN-RNhopeful
    Can you take them in Summer school? Summer school is always a good option for those kinds of classes.
  5. by   Daytonite
    If your goal is to become a CRNA or an ANP there is a very strong possibility that your CRNA or ANP programs will require college level chemistry and statistics, so you will need these classes eventually. Almost all BSN courses require some statistics class. My BSN program was very specific about the type of statistics class we had to take. A nursing research class is often required and is a pre-requisite for understanding the reading and performance of research. If you go on to Master's degree work you most likely will be involved in some sort of research project and you will need a statistics class.
  6. by   JBGC4
    I'm surprised you didn't need Chem for the ADN program!!! WoW- Can't complain, I loved Chem.

    I would say wait until school is over. That is what I would do. You will have a hard time finding a BSN program that doesn't require statistics and Chem.