Rio Salado Microbiology 4/13-8/01 - page 2

Is anyone currently enrolled in this class or still have the books for this class. I ordered my books over a week ago, but am having trouble with fedex sending them on time. Can someone please copy... Read More

  1. by   blyane
    thank you thank you thank you! i will definitely follow your advice and good luck on your final coming up!!
  2. by   blyane
    Hi, I actually just have a question regarding the final...I am taking the final for this class in two days and I'm wondering how you thought the final was. Did you find it to be similar in difficulty to the midterm or harder? Also, I noticed that many of the mc questions from the midterm came from previous quizzes and end of the lesson review quizzes...did you find the same thing for the final? Were the essay questions the more difficult ones to answer? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!