Revision made easy!!!

  1. I was really struggling to revise Research, for an upcomming exam, so I decided to make a webpage, which helped a lot, as I didn't know a lot about html, or research in nursing. I feel I have learnt a lot more than normal, allthough i did all my usuall revision techniques as well.

    This post is really shamefull plug, for my site that just caused me to dance around the room, when it apeared on the net

    Would anyone care to check it out and tell me what you think?

    P.S. i don't know if this post is against the board rules, if it is I am very very sorry, but I am on cloud nine at the moment
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  3. by   angelina28
    tryed to view but said it wasn't there... If you want you can send it to me on yahoo. angelina28 and I'll check it out for you.. would love to see