Registration... and next semester classes what will you be taking? - page 4

Hi, Has anyone pre-registered yet for next semester? If all goes well I'll be taking Micro, Chem, Psychology (developmental) and Bio-Medical ethics. I wanted to add Nutrition but all the hours... Read More

  1. by   EmeraldNYL
    I'm taking Women's Health Nursing, Adult Health I, Psych Nursing, and Pharmacology. We are in class two days a week from 8-5 and have clinical the other three days of the week.
  2. by   babynursewannab
    I'm taking the second clinical semester. Our classes are held for us as well in the nursing program. (who else would take them?)

    I've got:

    Adult health: Mon (Wed & Thurs at the hospital)
    Nursing Nutrition: Mon
    Pharmacology: Mon
    Honors class: Every other Tuesday
    World Civ: Fri

    It's 14 hours, but I'm loading up so I can be home with my daughter this summer.

    Good luck everyone both next semester and this one. FINALS coming up!!!