Questions about school...

  1. HI- I start my RN program in August and I was wondering a few things:
    Do you practice procedures ( needles, etc) on yourself at one time or another?
    How on earth do you memorize all the symptoms, procedures, conversions, calculations??
    Is there a writing/oral communications portion in nursing school?
    Do you have to perform skills in front of everyone? I figure this will be nervewrecking...
    Also, does anyone share the same fear of forgetting something that's soo important?? Or does this get easier...
    Thank you!
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  3. by   Jen2

    Welcome! To try and answer some of your questions yes we did practice giving each other injections and many other things such as head to toe assessments, bathing each other, vital signs on each other, and even putting each other on bed pans (clothes were on).

    You will not be memorizing in nursing school. This is something you will be learning very quick. You get tons of information in a very short period of time and then you have to apply that information to situations.

    There is writing involved in nursing school. We have careplans, presentations, and other assigned papers that we have to write and must be cited using references and APA format.

    Yes we do perform skills in front of everyone. We practice them in lab first in front of the class, and then at clinical if we have to do say an injection or insert a catheter there are usually a few students that have not yet performed this skill around you watching plus your clinical instructor.

    We all have fears, and our instructors are there to help us over come those fears and provide support. It all depends on the instructor. You have instructors that will walk you through things step by step before you go into a room, and then you have those that will tell you to leave the room if they feel that you are not doing something right. One of our instructors last semester took an insulin needle out of a students hand when she started shaking and told her she needed more practice and to leave the room.

    Good luck and I hope I answered some of your questions. Nursing school is very challenging, and a bit overwhelming, but you can do it.