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  1. What would you characterize as "common medical interventions in labor and delivery"? I am writing a paper and I want to make sure I am not going over board!

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  3. by   JennieBSN
    Just to name a few...but keep in mind, most of these medical interventions aren't *necessary*...unfortunately, lots of places just intervene out of *habit* and MD ignorance...but that is another topic entirely .

    1. IV access
    2. continuous IV fluid infusion
    3. continuous fetal monitoring
    4. amniotomy
    5. augmentation of labor using pitocin or similar drug
    6. diet restricted to either ice chips or NPO
    7. baseline CBC, type and screen drawn

    These are considered 'the basics' in lots of labor and delivery units. Meaning, they are the medical interventions most commonly used with 'healthy' and 'normal' labor patients not experiencing acute fetal distress or other medical problems.

    Good luck with your paper!