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  1. ok so i am a student at Tennessee State University hoping to be admitted in the associated degree program, right now am :roll lonker2: completing a few of the required courses, and some general courses for my second major.
    i am confused about the whole admission process. what exactly does it mean if you are accepted but on the waiting list.. I mean what are you supposed to do during this time that your waiting to be fully admitted into the program, I was thinking that I could double major and while on a waiting list i could complete some courses for my second major until i begin the nursing program, or is there something else i am supposed to be doing. And how long are waiting list, i tried to search on google and dogpile but the information wasnt clear. Can someone please help me with the answer to this question. Oh... and i need some advise, there are only two accredited programs in the state of tennessee, is two colleges enough chances to get in to nursing school, as anyone can see i am anxiouse for as much advise and information i can get, i am waiting for a reply!!
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  3. by   Brian
    Hi chocolate_eyes585,

    welcome to, I thought I'd move your question from the introductions forum to the student nursing forum, for better responses. Good Luck!